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Friday, December 27, 2013
not according to plan

had a really good Christmas with the family in virginia. started off with a very early flight. amit and i didn't see liem there and were in the process of boarding when he finally showed up. he dumped his bags in front of us and left to get coffee. amit told me to go ahead and board and said he would wait for liem to come back. the flight was smooth minus the landing since it was super turbulent. i got nauseous and thankfully didn't throw up. we waited until vinh came and then nancy and brian came to pick us up. this is when the gluttony began. we got breakfast since i was starving. after hanging out at nancy and brian's for a bit and i'm not sure how the topic of dogfish came up. we then headed to dogfish to get some drinks before bon chon. then we met up with steve, justin, and freeha at bon chon. the chicken was super tasty. after that, we went to some korean bakery to have dessert. the thai tea bubble tea was terrible so brian was nice enough to get them to make me a new one. mango should've been a safe flavor but it was gross as well. brian and i took turns trying to choke down the bubble tea. after dessert we parted from justin and freeha and half of us went to the market and the other half went back to nancy's and brian's. at the grocery store, nancy, vinh, and i encountered a rude woman when we were waiting to check out. she cut in front of us and i told her we were there first. she proceeded to tell us her basket on the floor held her spot. from there nancy and i were getting mad but once of reason vinh told us to let it go. that didn't stop nancy and i from being snarky and mean mug her on our way out. we got back to nancy's and chilled since the traffic to fredericksburg was terrible (2.5 hours to get back). so we played games and watched nancy's wedding video. then we decided we were hungry and opted to try this tofu soup place. that place did not disappoint since it was so freaking awesome. plus the kim che was amazing. then we headed back to fredericksburg. from that point on, it was nonstop cousin bonding and eating. scott and carly got amit and me really sweet gifts. vinh and steve surprised me and nancy with really thoughtful and sweet wedding gifts. i love those boys! it made me sad to think this christmas in virginia will be the last one in virginia for a very long time. it made me a little sad that things will be different and soon enough people will be missing from these get togethers. i guess that's a part of growing up. we all agreed that this was one fun cousin gathering. we have a good group and this christmas was the way it should be. the only person missing was missy. got news yesterday that was nothing but disappointing. time for a different plan of attack. like i said a lot lately, things don't always go according to plan but maybe that's the way it's suppose to be. have faith.

Posted at 02:16 pm by JudeBug416
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Saturday, December 21, 2013
somewhat of a fail

today i was all set out to go do some last minute shopping for my mom's birthday gift and other people's christmas gifts.  i had my coupons all printed out and ready to go.  i left for the mall and found a nice top and sweater for my mom's birthday present.  i also found this blouse i was eying for months go on sale.  thankfully the last top was in my size.  i go to check out and realized i left my coupons at home.  i was so annoyed because i didn't want to pay full price for the items when i knew i had coupons. 

so i tell the lady looking a little sad that i left the coupons at home and that the clothes were my mom's birthday present (mostly true).  she tells me to wait and goes off somewhere.  she comes back a few minutes later with some coupons and told me she was able to get it from a different department.  score!  i was happy but would've been happier if i had remembered my coupons since i would've gotten a bigger deal.  what can i say, i get a rush from buying clothes for super cheap.

who knew looking somewhat pathetic and playing the mom card would help me out here?  the lady totally salvaged my shopping day.

so christmas, birthday presents completed i treated myself to cfa.  now it's time to start packing for chistmas in virginia and get things done in case we go out tonight to meet up with friends.

it's been a busy december and it definitely helped make the month go by super fast.  i'm really excited to see family tomorrow.  i think the plan hang out with nancy and brian for part of the day tomorrow in dc will be mad fun.  can't wait!

merry christmas everyone!

have faith.

Posted at 04:25 pm by JudeBug416
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013
trying to hang

it's been a pretty full couple of days.  been interviewing and one went really well.  so well that i was offered a second interview before my first interview was over.  then i came home and crashed hard.  i had another epic migraine and had slept from noon until 7pm.  woke up to eat dinner and fell asleep again.  i think the stress of not working is triggering the recent onslaught of migraines.  i was feeling a little out of it for a few days.

then friday came and i started to feel better because one of my favorite people in the world was visiting.  actually we ended up with more people than expected this past weekend and it was mad fun.  friday half the group just chilled, drank, and ate our fancy snacks until vinh came.  due to slight gps and phone issues he came a lot later than expected.  when vinh came we continued to hang out until almost 4am.  it was hilarious seeing vinh because he was "party in the front, business in the back".

saturday we woke up exhausted of course.  another visitor came and he was quite the grumpy one.  we grabbed lunch and went around getting random things.  then we went to zoolights and met up with jay and jenny.  it was fun when the rain stopped.  zoolights is just so pretty and i'm glad i went with the crowd that i did.  after zoolights we went for a super late dinner and went back to my place to hang out some more.  we went to bed way too late again.

sunday vinh and i were super troopers and woke up early to go to the early mass.  after church we grabbed dim sum and ice cream.  not as thrilled with the extra person that came and she behaved as expected.  there were times at lunch that people were like omg change topics before something bad happens.

overall, it was a super fun weekend and i couldn't be more thrilled with the company.  i hope to have more weekends with them sooner than later.  come to think of it, amit and i had a lot of visitors so far.  it's good for me since it gives me time to spend with people and something to look forward too.

note to self, the group of 30 somethings clearly can't hang like we did when we were in our 20s.

i'm pumped i get to see vinh two weekends in a row!

have faith.

Posted at 03:12 pm by JudeBug416
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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

i love nothing more than winning each week in fantasy football. i love nothing more than winning a game that i should've been crushed in.  i love nothing more than beating my husband by .5 points.  he's a bit salty about the loss but i am elated i beat him!

sometimes life doesn't always go as planned and sometimes it's better that way.  this is true for one of my favorites.  actually it's been quite the year for my favorites, some good things, some bad things but life has a funny way of working itself out to the way it's suppose to be.

have faith.

Posted at 05:24 pm by JudeBug416
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Wednesday, December 05, 2012

i am hopeful that the few interviews i've been on will turn into something.  yes, it's only been barely a month since i started looking but i want to work NOW.  there is so much i want to save up for and things to get for people.  i am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping everyone i know does the same to.

it's definitely the holidays now that the holiday/christmas cards are starting to roll in.  can't believe christmas is in 20 days and there are a lot of things to look forward to like zoo lights, visitors in a couple of weeks, and christmas in virginia.  i am pumped to get to spend time with the entire immediate family as well as my beloved cousins.

all in all, it's shaping up to be a good december!

have faith.

Posted at 05:08 pm by JudeBug416
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Friday, November 30, 2012
pumping my fist in the air

i am feeling pretty good right now.  first interview went well i thought.  if i get in that would be good for my career i think.  a few days ago i got called to come in for another interview today.  i know for sure today's interview went really well and am pretty confident i got the job.  the funny thing is i showed up late because i got so ridiculously lost but totally nailed the interview.  i think in general i interview well as evident by various job offers when i was so tempted to leave tfs over the years.

then as i was checking email and what not on the internet, freaking OSU called me to interview.  i almost lost it when they called because i told so many people that it would be my dream to work at OSU.  i applied just for kicks not thinking i would get considered but here i am with an interview with OSU lined up.  i am just honored to get a chance to interview with them.  if i somehow land that job that will definitely boost my resume and give me a lot of clout in the future should i decide to pursue other agencies/companies. 

my month of applying is finally paying off with interview opportunities.  i know in this tough economy the fact i got interviews is something to be proud of!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!  if this isn't a confidence booster, i don't know what is!

have faith.

Posted at 05:09 pm by JudeBug416
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Monday, November 26, 2012
hello holiday season

so now it's totally ok for all the holiday decorations to come up now that thanksgiving is over.  had a fun time with both sides of the family this holiday season.  had thanksgiving with my family in akron and it was food overload.  i was able to take home enough food to last me several days.  after dinner amit and i went black friday shopping with diem and the girls.  at the mall i ran into some college friends.  we got most of our christmas shopping done that night.  i unfortunately did not walk away with anything was very disappointed.  amit and i were out until 4am shopping.  one day soon i hope to do the black friday shopping with vinh since he and i started it years ago and it  has warped into our thing.  mostly because no one wanted to do black friday shopping and vinh humored me by going with me so i wouldn't have to go alone.

i played the most epic prank on my mom with the help of my cousin.  her reaction was so priceless and i can't believe i pulled it off. muhahaha!

because i forgot my phone, i missed out on an interview call.  after a month of applying and looking for jobs, i scored my first interview.  hopefully it won't be my last.  i'm pretty pumped since it's with a huge company in columbus.

saturday headed down to Cincinnati to spend time with amit's side and to watch the osu/michigan game.  glad my buckeyes won and beat michigan.  it was an ugly game but i'll take the win any way i can.

i just love this time of year.  it just makes me so happy.  i mean how could i not?  the decorations are so pretty and everyone seems a tad bit cheerier.

time to whip out my list of christmas songs to listen to over and over.

have faith.

Posted at 03:51 pm by JudeBug416
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012
chicago shenanigans

i'm about recovered from chicago shenanigans.  it was a fun, quick, and food filled weekend.  cousins met up in chicago to have some fun and check out scott and vinh's places.  it was a selfish way for me to hang out with some of my favorites now that wedding madness has died down.  it was also a trip to pick up people's spirits.

friday people we getting in and somehow half the crew ended up eating three dinners.  vinh got a pic with takashi at slurping turtle.  after dinner, we went to the hotel lobby and drank and dinner number 3 (pizza courtesy of scott and carly) came.  somehow we were on a quest for shabu shabu but that never happened.

saturday, half of us went to purple pig early to get a table but not before stopping to get a quick breakfast at xoco.  we ate like pigs and the food and wine did not stop coming.  i suppose it was a good thing since it was pouring so we had nothing to do other than drink and eat.  it was cool to see crystal and aissa as well.  after lunch and when the rain stopped we went to get caffeinated and  then to the bean (someone thought it was a coffee place).  then after the bean we got a crap  load of cupcakes.  we split up and went to our respective places to rest for a bit before meeting up for beer and bacon tasting.  crystal and aissa met up with us again since we were in their neighborhood.  the beer and bacon thing was not impressive and the place was so freaking hot.  after we left there, we went to a beer garden which was really nice since the weather was so pleasant.  we ate and drank more there and then we trekked to a gelato place.  during all the walking to various places, it was nice to chat with scott and just touch base with him on how he really has been doing.  after that, we all went to our respective places to crash.  i heard everyone at scott's passed out while all those who were at vinh's stayed up way too late talking and hanging out. 

sunday, vinh and i went to church together and it was nice to just have that one on one time with him.  we talked a bit about random things.  i really like that despite how hectic trips and family gatherings can be, vinh and i always somehow manage to find time to just catch up and really talk.  we met up with everyone for tacos before half the group went to the airport.  the other half along with scott went to the korean grocery store to stock up on kim chee.  i love that place because i never saw a kim chee bar ever.

one of the nicest and also most bizarre compliments came from an older gentleman at the coffee shop as i was waiting for my coffee.  he comes up to me and says "you make a beautiful picture."  taken aback i said thank you and must've looked really puzzled because he said it again and said it was because i was so beautiful.  i made sure to mention it to amit to make sure he knew i had options.  it was a joke people.

it was a good trip overall.  it was awkward at the end for me but who knows maybe this is the start of things getting better.  we'll see how it is when i'm back in cbus and she's around.  i even told vinh that the person i saw this past weekend is the person that i miss not how he is now.

have faith.

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Monday, November 05, 2012
my fault

i am annoyed with myself for not turning in my absentee application sooner so i can vote.  i got my materials today and it had to be turned in today.  i had more than enough time to do it but let it slip.  i am bummed because this will be the first election that i didn't vote in since i turned 18.

i will be glad when the election is over so i dont have to see the annoying political ads anymore.

this past weekend amit and i were in dayton to do the puja.  man that was a long ceremony but luckily i had a chair with a back.  we got more presents and money even though it wasn't expected.  this is truly a wedding celebration that won't end!  it was nice to see how welcoming the indian community was to me.

so now i learned that my political views definitely differ from my mother-in-law!  must remember to tread lightly if that topic comes up again!

have faith.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012
inner kid coming out

after going to church i headed to the store to see if i could find any halloween candy on sale and boy did i find some.  i stocked up on kit kats, 3 musketeer, and reese cups and bought some snickers for my dad.  i guess it's the boredom coming out that compels me to buy all this candy.  i should really knock it off since all i do is eat and that can't be good on my body.

so superstorm sandy came and we had some visitors.  marie had to work in columbus on tuesday and asked if she could stay the night to avoid traveling in the storm and of course i said yes.  i later learned that jenny lost power and wanted to come to shower and eat since she didn't want stay the night since she had a super early exam the next day.  jenny wasn't feeling well and her naps turned into her sleeping over.  it was nice to have cousins visit to break up the hum drum of my days.  plus those two are a lot of fun.

now i'm starting to get bored.  imagine that.

what happened to october?  november will be super busy since i will be out of town pretty much every single weekend.  yikes!

have faith.

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